Export Jam
UKTI Ideas Lab
The Problem
Create full branding, top-and-tail animations and all print materials for UKTI's nationwide workshops. In just over a week.
This project was undertaken whilst I was the Designer at Made Open and was delivered with the help of the rest of the team.
The UKTI works with businesses in the UK and throughout the world to help and improve the country’s exports and infrastructure here and overseas. The UKTI Ideas Lab is there to identify and test new ideas and ways of working to achieve these goals. They approached Made Open having organised a series of national workshops aiming to tackle some important questions, the main one being: “How can we make export effortless for future business?”. It was my job as part of the MO team to brand the workshops and help to inspire discussion. It was a very exciting proposition, the only problem being that the deadline was in 8 days.
The Solution
A strong and powerful visual identity with simple yet striking iconography, brought to life through animation and print media.
It was important for me to step away from the UKTI Ideas Lab's existing branding and not let that drive the aesthetic of this project but still integrate some continuity into my designs. Working with their existing iconography, I develop a more simplified and unified set of monotone icons, employing thick strokes with limited blocks of colour. For me, designing an icon is an incredible enjoyable and therapeutic process; it is about taking an action or object and turning that into an easily understandable, adaptable and visually pleasing design.

The aesthetic I had developed whilst working on the icons informed the rest of identity and I created a bespoke, stroke-based, logotype, incorporating the motif of a map marker, playing on the phrase: “Putting [Britain] on the map”.

When it came to the top-and-tail for the video, the heavy stokes I had created in Illustrator allowed me to quickly and easily bring them into After Effects and generate some powerful animations.
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The lesson
Time restraints can fuel creativity.
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