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The Problem
The Made Open platform page does not fully explore the site's full potential.
This project was undertaken whilst I was the Designer at Made Open and was delivered with the help of the rest of the team.
The Made Open digital platform is an incredibly powerful and unique tool for communities, local government, charities and business; it enables you to ask questions, engage with problems and draw on the communities skills, time and resources to effectively instigate change. Whilst working at Made Open, I was very closely involved with the evolution of the platform and could see just how much of a game-changer it could be.

Information about the platform currently sat within the Companies website as page that was a brief overview and very much one part of the wider business. However, at Made Open they wanted to separate it out and place a far greater emphasis on the platform; there were now to be two very distinct sides to Made Open: 'Service Design' and the 'Digital Platform'.

Furthermore, it was thought that the existing one-pager was not substantial enough and did not show off the platform capabilities and what was needed was a far more in-depth solution; one that explained explored its extensive features, featured existing clients and answered any questions a potential client might have. It was also extremely important that there was a strong call to action throughout to encourage people to demo the Made Open platform as ultimately this would be the most powerful interaction,
The Solution
An engaging and informative microsite that guides the user through the platforms capacity.
In order to best reflect the two sides to the business, I developed a landing page for the site that prompted the user to choose which part of the company they were interested in. Once selected, you are then able to easily switch the other side of the site by clicking the logo and choosing the counterpart. It was agreed that new 'Digital Platform' section should be split into 5 distinct parts in order to fully explain the site's capabilities.

The first section, 'Overview', acts as an introduction and leads the user through the platforms main features. Although the easiest option would have been to show screenshots of the site or maybe even a walkthrough video, I wanted to engage the user in a more active way. To do this, I created clearly defined segments that when scrolled to would animate and demonstrate a certain part of the functionality. For example, on the platform you can connect and collaborate with like minded people; to signify this, six 'profile' images, previously separate, draw close together and form a unified shape.

'Features' was again split into definite parts, this time detailing further functionality, each with a title, description and accompanying image. This was perhaps the first site where I began to utilise strong gradients and I was able to use the colours to draw connections between different content throughout the microsite.

With both 'Customers' and 'Licensing', the integrated Wordpress CMS allows Made Open to easily update the content as and when. In fact, nearly all of the elements on the site are editable, built with alternate layouts to account for various different content.

Finally, I designed and built a clear and simple FAQ page, which again could be added to with ease with a beautiful sub navigation for the various sections.

Alongside the fixed top navigation, it was also important to guide the user through a journey with clearly defined call to actions and links throughout. I also integrated a 'Request a demo' button fixed to the navigation that takes a user to a simple form that will immediately notify MO.
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The lesson
Fully understanding the problem leads to the best solution.
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